Carmen Sandiego for a New Generation 

The popular cartoon computer game  (and board game in my house), Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, is getting revamped for the next generation. For us 90’s babies Carmen Sandiego was a computer game, that had the users turn into new agents for the ACME Detective Agency in their efforts to find Carmen Sandiego as she stole various precious objects from all over the world.  This computer game was a learning tool that was initially created to teach us geography, and overtime expanded to other subjects. In 1994, Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? came out on Fox, turning the beloved educational game into a animated cartoon show, which ran until 1999. 

Netflix who has taken popular shows and revamped them with much success (Fuller House, Gilmore Girls), has decided to bring the animated series back, and  casted Jane the Virgin actress (and my best friend in my head), Gina Rodriguez to be the voice of Carmen Sandiego. Netflix is set to release the series in 2019 with 20, twenty-two minutes episodes. Congrats to Gina, you’re going to kill this role.  


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