Music Review: Xavier Omar’s The Everlasting Wave

***I know I’m late with this one, but I just had to write a music review. As always be gentle***

Xavier Omar, formerly known as Christian hip-hop artist, SPZRKT (Spazzy Rocket), is the perfect hybrid of R&B and today’s more popular genre Trap Soul;  bringing the best of both worlds to his album, The Everlasting Wave. The Everlasting Wave is a recorded story that follows the thoughts and feelings one experiences through every stage of a relationship. This eight track album is a perfect “wave” of emotion and takes the listener on a journey of love gained and then lost, as well as a journey of different R&B sounds, tempos, and vibes. It’s very rare to love an album from beginning to end, but Omar doesn’t miss a beat as you saunter through each track. The Everlasting Wave was created to solidify Xavier Omar’s place in the music industry. No longer just riding the wave of popularity that tends to die out after its 15 minutes of fame, this album is to let the world know Xavier Omar is here to stay.

Having a musical background that was cultivated in the church, Omar auditioned for American Idol, America’s Got Talent, and The Voice to no avail. Inspired by artists John Legend and Frank Ocean (also a perfect combination of his musical style), Omar prevailed to release Christian hip-hop (CHH) music under the name SPZRKT with Movement of Truth in 2009. He went solo within the CHH community in 2013 and has been featured on many artists songs, while simultaneously releasing a trilogy of albums throughout the years  (Lucid Dreams, 2013; The Loner, 2013; Bonfire 2014). After leaving behind CHH (and the name SPZRKT) to pursue a universal sound in 2015, Xavier Omar continued honing his skills as a talented rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer.

b33dccc55b1028a801e3a72ddbec48ea.1000x1000x1.jpgThe album starts with themes of respect, infatuation, and admiration for a woman’s inner beauty as well as hustle in songs Blind Man and Grown Woman.  More like an ode, Blind Man expresses how a woman’s inner beauty and soul is more beautiful than her outward appearance. Now, he also compliments her body but it’s her mind that he loves. Omar sings, I can love you with my eyes closed/ I don’t lose sight of your beauty/Cos’ your heart is fine gold baby/Imma take my time with your mind/ Your ambition won’t leave me alone.  This song has a tuneful vibe and really draws the listener in. Blind Man’s commercial appeal makes you want to continue to listen to the rest of the album and see what’s next. Hooked on the ambition that won’t leave him alone, Omar goes on to express how he appreciates and is attracted to women who work hard and are driven by their goals in Grown Woman. While he’s working to make his dreams come true so is she, going tit for tat when it comes to fulfilling her purpose. Grown Woman is a classic groove record, whose sound is reminiscent of older neo-soul hits.

After serenading the ladies with reasons why they are extremely dope, Omar then moves on to explain how the infatuation phase has grown into a relationship and the challenges that accompany this transition. Special Eyes is a rhythmically up-tempo song with a horns and drums combo. The song expresses the want to be with someone, but also the fear of getting hurt. Even though the topic is a tough IRL situation, Omar makes you dance away your fears throughout the duration of the song. The track Do Not Disturb shows the downside of hustling too hard and how to fix a relationship after neglecting it in lieu of other pursuits in Do Not Disturb. Omar croons,  I put on my “Do Not Disturb”/Every single time I get to groove out with her/ don’t need nobody else to say not a word/It’s just me and you, me and you. This congruous low toned melodic song with an anonymous female feature is a great tribute to classic R&B with a catchy chorus, use of voice inflection, and great lyrics.

Speculate, If This is Love, and Lost in Nostalgia,  speak on the unfortunate demise of the relationship and the always uncomfortable “we’re kinda friends” and can’t let each other go stage. Speculate has an almost ominous tone, and sounds as if it is done in acapella. This song really shows off Xavier Omar’s vocal talent and range and his voice is full of resonance and power. The title of the song explains the beginning of the downside of “the relationship emotional wave” by speculating the relationship and his significant others motives. After doing all he can the track, If This is Love expresses the ending of the relationship with euphonious sounds of great harmonies and a smooth soulful textureJOHNNYFAN_NEVERSLEEP_XAVIEROMAR-1012.jpg. Lost in Nostalgia exhibits the magnetic nostalgic pull you feel towards an ex, which leads to trying to be “just friends” only to get caught up in the same vicious wave of emotions that ended the relationship in the first place. With lyrics like, Yesterday you hated me/ Then you think about the things you used to say to me/ and you think about the times you couldn’t stay away/Then I think about you, saying “I’m just saying hey”/ Now little by little texting you from day to day/ Suddenly we start saying, “What you dong babe?”/ And “Baby I can not wait till I can see your face.”/Till once again here we are I just need some space, it is easy to see how old habits die hard. This song’s funky beat brings different cadences and fresh sounds with a slightly more upbeat tempo.

The last song on the album is Poison, which goes back to Omar’s roots in CHH. Poison is a song about giving your cares to Jesus. With an old doo-wop feel, this song has biblical and Christian references that encourages one to Let God be in control… take off your poison [because}… his blood has erased it for you. 

This album really is a masterpiece, that has hit after hit and could easily have constant appearances on the airwaves (please bring amazing music back to the airwaves). I am completely in love with it and can’t stop listening to it. It’s safe to say that  Xavier Omar has the potential, talent, and creativity to be the sound for the new generation of R&B and Soul. Xavier Omar definitely has a fan in me, and I would love to see him perform live.His music makes you feel something that has been lost in current music today. Make sure you download or buy his album The Everlasting Wave on Itunes now, and make sure to follow him on all social media!




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