Bears Finally Cut Cutler

If you are a Chicago sports enthusiast, such as myself, then the latest topic of conversation is the Bears announcement to finally cut quarterback, Jay Cutler, from the roster. After being with the Bears for eight years and resigning to a 126.7 million dollar contract in 2013, this overpaid and underperformed player is finally getting the boot. The Bears front office finally admitted they got screwed over when deciding to resign with Cutler after various performances where he lacked leadership, confidence, and most importantly skill, to bring the Lombardi trophy home to Soldier Field. TBH, who could blame him, the front office gave him a throne of a contract where he didn’t need to care or perform well to receive his paycheck. The cheers are probably heard all over the state of Illinois, but the question is who is the next Bears quarterback? jay-cutler-politics.jpg

I don’t know any player who would want to come into an organization where there is no offensive line, no receivers (especially since they have released renown receiver, Alshon Jeffery) and no secondary. But lo’ and behold, the Bears Organization unearths Mike Glennon from the bottom of the barrel. Mike Glennon has been riding pine for the past two years and has been reported to not really understand how to utilize the pocket as a quarterback while buckling under pressure. Doesn’t sound like star material to me, but the Bears front office decides to pay this amateur 45 million for three years. The GM’s clearly hate us for making a move like this.

We really just need a team overhaul and start cultivating new talent. I honestly thought, Colin Kaepernick would be a nice suggestion seeing how he can make plays in and out the pocket, but if there is no one to block for him he’s headed to many injuries, concussions, and early retirement.The only people really left for free agency are Ryan Fitzpatrick, Geno Smith, and Tony Romo, none of whom I would consider either. The Bears took Glennon out of desperation and I understand that, but did we have to pay him so generously, especially for his lack of experience and talent? Has the administration not learned its lesson? Well, only time will tell, but it’s really hard to be a Bears fan nowadays. Oh well, it’s Spring Training season anyways so, Go Cubs Go!





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