#WWW: Wise Woman Wednesday 

A wise woman once said…

My mother had a saying: “Kamala, you may be the first to do many things, but make sure you’re not the last.”

-Kamala Harris

It’s International Women’s Day and if you couldn’t be a part of the #thedaywithoutawoman I still want to motivate you. This quote comes from African American California Senator, Kamala Harris. I love Kamala because she is not just standing up for black women, but all women and has been a strong voice in politics. As women, our identities are centered around being nurturers, and as such we must cultivate the relationships we establish. We must remember to always encourage, empower, and help other women, especially those who want to walk in our footprints. Let’s help to create a better world and a more powerful generation of women. We really are stronger together. I thank God for my tribe of women who encourage and bless me emotionally, creatively, professionally, etc. From this day forward I encourage you to show your support, even it’s just to say, “girl, I love that lipstick your rockin,” or “your hustle is undeniable keep it up.” We are all Queens and it’s been time to start acting like it. Have a Happy Hump Day. 👑


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