#WWW: Wise Woman Wednesday

A wise woman once said…

The advice I was always given when asking for advice {about acting} was that if I could imagine doing anything else, anything else at all, then go do that.

– Aja Naomi King


Aja Naomi King is a rising star and her character, Michaela, is kicking major ass on How to Get Away with Murder. The advice that Aja has been given is something that I wish I would have been told (though I somewhat tell myself). If you have a passion, a God-given talent or purpose, but you’re feeling delayed and things aren’t happening it becomes almost inevitable that you will have a battle with faith. You’ll doubt yourself, doubt God, doubt the entire journey because it’s just not working out. However, just like that advice mentioned above “could you see yourself doing anything else?” When I was faced with this question (like a couple of days ago) I said that this is what I know, this is what I do, this is what I’m good at, if I don’t do this what else is there for me to do? I don’t believe that God gives us passions and desires for things (I’m talking positive destiny focused things) that he doesn’t want us to pursue. So stay encouraged, and don’t give up, know that you know that this is what you’re supposed to be doing and stop at nothing to obtain it. Happy Hump Day! XOXO


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