Black Love Part II

The ABFF Honors  (American Black Film Festival) will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of the movie, Love Jones, on Wednesday, February 22, 2017,  on BET. Love Jones is one of those movies where a creative falls in love with a creative, he’s making dope poems about you and you’re immortalizing him with your photography. Ok, I’m a writer so it’s a little bit different, but you get my drift. Anywho, since it is still February and we just celebrated Valentine’s Day (well some of us did, cries the single girl), here is part II of the black love chronicles, movie edition. In this post, I’m going to be highlighting some of my favorite black couples from movies and television. Picking couples for this post has been difficult because there are so00000 many great movies and shows that exhibit black love relationship goals. So, enjoy and tell me if I covered your favorite TV or film couple on this list?


Couple: Monica + Quincy |  Why We Love Them: Not only are they fellow Trojans (fight on),  but these two taught us sometimes you have to fight for love (or play your heart out). When Quincy told Monca “double or nothing” my whole heart rejoiced.


Couple: Nina + Darius | Why We Love Them: These two almost didn’t make it (that scene running through Union Station), but true love always prevails. Though we assume Nina and Darius are working it out long distance they taught us never be afraid to “get a little wet,” (figuratively and literally speaking).


Couple: Martin + Gina | Why We Love Them:  Can we even talk about Black Love without mentioning the iconic duo that is Martin + Gina? They are the perfect personality balance and of course, he’s always encouraging her with a “you go girl!”


Couple: Chanté + Keith | Why We Love Them: Though they almost messed up their relationship playing games, they found out there are no rules to love and it’s best to always keep it 100.


Couple: Marcus + Angela | Why We Love Them: Sometimes your partner doesn’t appreciate the love and support you offer them, but these two show us that a genuine connection goes a long way.


Couple: Whitley Gilbert + Dwayne Wayne | Why We Love Them: They are polar opposites who don’t really understand one another, but you know what they say … opposites attract.


Couple: Claire + Heathcliff Huxtable | Why We Love Them: This is the original OG couple for #blacklove #relationshipgoals. Courted through their college years Claire and Cliff are the perfect compliments to each other. Not only do they uphold black excellence (he a doctor and she a lawyer) but they raised a pretty decent family.


Couple: Lucky + Justice | Why We Love Them: This couple is the adult interpretation of, he’s mean to you because he likes you. Our boy Lucky got it together, and when they both let their guards down they created magic.


Couple: Sidney + Dre | Why We Love Them: It’s something extremely dope to fall in love with your best friend. Also, to believe in your partner’s dreams to be their own boss, while sharing an extreme passion for perfect rhymes over tight beats laced with melodies and good vibes.


Couple: Melanie + Derwin | Why We Love Them: Never have I been invested in a TV couple like I was for these two. They are the living of definition of if the first you don’t succeed-try, try again. They kept trying til they got it right! I mean with all that history and sacrifice (on her part) it had to work out, right?


Couple: Alicia + Big Mike | Why We Love Them: “When they were your first love, your first {punch},” it’s kinda hard not to be invested. There’s nothing like your first love and how that made you feel, you know back in the day when you were young.


Couple: Lance + Mia | Why We Love Them: Lance adored Mia and she him, and they both forgave each other for the mistakes they made while in college.


Couple: Jason + Lyric | Why We Love Them: When you both dream of a better life and decide to take that step together.


Couple: Laura + Stephan Urkell | Why We Love Them: When Steve came out of the machine as Stephan we were all down for the man with beauty and brains to get the girl of his dreams.


Couple: Rashaad + Erin (New New) | Why We Love Them: Because sometimes he’s special and even though you come from two different worlds,  you understand each other.


Couple: Leslie + Scott | Why We Love Them: When you’re lovers and friends. Now, this couple got complicated, Scott almost missed out on the woman who would sincerely hold him down through it all, while keeping him smiling and laughing. But he too realized that some people are just the right one.


Couples: Dominic + Lauren, Michael + Candace, Jeremy + Kristen, and Zeke and Maya| Why We Love Them: Though each couple had their faults and unflattering moments they all made up in the corniest way possible (gotta love show biz).


Couple: Tasha + Ghost | Why We Love Them: Tasha is Ghost’s ride or die. When Fetty Wap made Trap Queen he must have watched Power. Even through Ghost’s infidelity, Tasha always had his back.


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