Black Love Part 1: #RelationshipGoals

Because February is Black History Month and the month we celebrate St. Valentine, the perfect combination of the two is black love. The hashtag relationship goals, is seen floating around the Internet all the time and certain celebrity couples are the living definition of the hashtag. Black love relationship goals mean [to me] that this couple treats each other with a vast amount of love and respect, that they honor the integrity of their commitment to each other and are great separate but a force together. That they make us, single girls, optimistic and hopeful that one day we will be able to have what they have. Check out some of my favorite couples, who epitomize the hashtag #relationshipgoals.


Potus and Flotus (yes, I refuse to let them go or add former before their names) are the epitome of black love. They showed our entire nation what it was like to really love and respect your partner and how together you can become unstoppable.  They will always be #relationshipgoals.

Beyonce and Jay-Z though rumored to have had some marital issue {Becky with the good hair rumors} have shown us that love still prevails and music sometimes is just music. Pregnant now with twins Beyonce and Jay-z have built an unstoppable music empire.


My all time favorite couple Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union. This couple is what happens when you marry your best friend. They joke and play with each other and seem to genuinely have fun and enjoy each others company.

Russell Wilson and Ciara are one of the cutest couples. They support each others endeavors and Russ accepts and loves little Future as his own son. As their family continues to grow, I’m sure this couple will still be head over heels for each other.


Devon Franklin and Megan Good changed up the game with their book “The Wait”.  However, we can’t wait to talk about how much this couple seems to love each other.


Kelly Rowland and Tim Witherspoon are a low-key couple, and every time he’s around there is always a big smile on Kelly’s face.


Another one of my favorite couples, Chrissy Teigan and John Legend. This couple makes me love them more and more each day. John is sweet and sensitive and Chrissy is a ball of fun and energy. They are the perfect compliment to each other and I love them to pieces.

tamela mann 77.jpg

Tamela and David Mann are holy ghost rollers. First starting off in Kirk Franklin’s choir and then moving on to be a big part of the Tyler Perry franchise, this couple shows us how you can move through the ranks together and have a good time doing it. David is way too funny for words and Tamela could sing through a hurricane, I know that this couple has longevity.


We can’t discus black love with out mentioning the dynamic duo Courtney B. Vance and Angela Bassett. This couple understands partnership and working together so neither career or family life suffers.  P.S. do they ever age?



Though rumors have swirled around of them having an open marriage no Hollywood couple has had longevity like Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. They have held each other down for years and said they don’t plan on ever calling it quits.



Though recently married Tina Knowles and Richard Lawson are showing that you can find love no matter what age. Tina and Richard have been seen around town having the time of their lives.



I love this couple so much. Tia Mowry-Hardrict and Cory Hardrict are one of my favorite couples. Talk about holding your man down during his humble beginnings stage, to both of you being a household name.



Steph and Ayesha Curry have always been relationship goals. You know it’s real when your husband will drop a silly video with you and take out your weave when you ask.



Talk about a beautiful couple, Nicole Ari Parker and Boris Kodjoe are it. I can’t write anymore looking at them hurts my eyes (too much pretty).


Last but certainly not least, is Lala and Carmello Anthony. Lala and Carmello have survived the highs and lows of a relationship being played out in the media, but now they are more solid than ever. Lala really got to have it all her amazing career and amazing family.

Of course there are other couples worthy of being noted but honestly, I know of so many black love success stories that I would be here all day. So ladies if you ever doubt, just remember there is hope. We don’t know what their relationships are like on the inside but if you have the courage to stick it out, you never know where you may end. Happy Valentines Day!



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