Rewind: New Edition Movie Recap

BET is snapping back! After stepping up their social media presence and award shows (because the BET Awards was extremely lit last year), they are bringing quality must-see content back to TV. They are rocking 2017 on nothing but high notes with BET Chairman and CEO, Debra Lee, being honored at Clive Davis’ annual pre-Grammy gala as an industry icon. Keeping up with the momentum, last week BET started their New Edition Story miniseries that ended with rave reviews. Produced and directed by Jesse Collins and Chris Robinson, The New Edition story has been a great reminder of the roots of BET, which is black entertainment television grounded in music.

Due to my mom being the dopest person on the face of the planet, she hipped me to New Edition at an early age and of course,  Bell Biv Devoe’s Poison is still being played at every basement party and club,  but I didn’t really know about all the beef, tensions, and fights. For me, The New Edition Story gave me another perspective after previously watching Johnny Gill on TVOne’s Unsung. The miniseries was done extremely well, highlighting the group’s highs and lows. The transition from them as little kids to young adults was done seamlessly and due to all the detail, I understand why they spread it out into three episodes.What I loved about the miniseries was that it told the story from an unbiased perspective. None of the members of the group’s side was told more than the other, and though I’m sure things were left out, but it ended with all questions answered (the behind the scenes with the actors and band helped too).

I can’t finish this review without acknowledging the wonderful emerging talent that was the main cast of this miniseries. Algee Smith (Ralph Tresvant), Woody McClain (Bobby Brown), Luke James (Johnny Gill), Elijah Kelly (Ricky Bell), Bryshere Gray (Mike Bevins), and Keith Powers (Ronnie Devoe), did a phenomenal job portraying this iconic group. I love seeing emerging talent because our classic actors (Morris Chesnut, Michael Ealy, Gabrielle Union, Sanaa Lathan, etc.) are getting older and we NEED new black talent (with new black talent come new black movies). Please go and check out the miniseries, it is worth it!



From left to right, Ronnie Devoe, Mike Bevins, Ricky Bell, Johnny Gill, Ralph Tresvant, and Bobby Brown. 




From left top to bottom right, Keith Powers, Elijah Kelly, Woody McClain, Luke James, Bryshere Gray, and Algee Smith. 



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