#WWW: Wise Woman Wednesday

A wise woman once said…

I try to be guided by my passions…I think it’s incredibily important to not feel like you are the exception; to be surrounded by other strong women and to be able to express your desires to accomplish and to have ambition.

– America Ferrera


Trailblazing actress, America Ferrera, seems like a beautiful spirit inside and out. Not only has she been an active voice on Latina/o and feminist issues, she has also spoken at rallies that endorsed former, presidential candidate, Hilary Clinton. I started my obsession with America Ferrera when she was just a girl traveling around in a magical pair of blue jean pants. My love for her grew when she played the lovable character, Betty Suarez, in the hit TV show Ugly Betty and Amy in Superstore. All her characters have a relatable factor and her amazing and humble personality just makes me love her as a person. Her statement above that states, “It’s important to feel that you’re not the exception,” has so much power  because it is important to know that there are  others like you, who have similar dreams, who have persevered, who have overcome, and let me tell you the power of testimony is huge. It definitely encourages me! I recently watched an interview with the Yvonne Orji and I connected wth her story and her journey on a personal level. So, surround yourself with like-minded individuals because darling you’re not alone. Stay encouraged, Happy Hump Day. XOXO


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