On Wednesday’s We Workout!

It’s five o’clock and most of us are off work, which means Netflix and chill until tomorrow, right? Wrong! We all know that Kanye West previewed his new video,¬†Fade,¬†featuring bombshell Teyana Taylor at the MTV VMA’s (you can watch the entire video and download song here). So, we all need to go ahead and refresh that gym membership¬†or hit the trail for a late evening walk¬†because Teyana Taylor is giving us all #bodygoalsAF, and we have to be proactive about getting our lives all the way together.¬†We usually get this type of motivation around new years, where we swear up and down we will finally be serious about eating right and exercising consistently. However, Teyana has given us a gift in the form of serious envy to get our asses up and workout. So, I encourage you to get it all the way in, because when I get all the way snatched by next summer you won’t be able to tell me nothing (yes, I know I used a double negative in this sentence).



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