Onward and Upward: A Goodbye Letter to 25 

So today is the day, it’s my golden birthday! Today I am 26 on the 26th. I used to wonder, when would birthday’s begin to lose their appeal? When would I no longer have the excitement that accompanied getting another year older? Well, ladies and gentleman, I have found the answer. I was terrified of turning 26! I thought what I would be leaving behind wasn’t going to be as good as what I was going to get, and the sad part is my lack of optimism for a time I haven’t even experienced yet. I was defeated before I even leaped, but with growth comes maturity. You (25) have taught me a lot and we have had some highs and some lows, many late night laughs and tears, and many life lessons, like:

img_21431. Things do not go as planned, but just because they don’t go as planned doesn’t mean that you stay there in your defeated state. Accept what emotion you’re feeling and then move on.

2. You have to roll with the punches life brings just duck and keep moving and striving.

3. Life is not a race to the finish line and you really can’t skip experiences. Life is a learning process and we have to succumb to this inevitable fact.

4. It’s going to be hard as hell! You can work hard from sunup to sundown but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. That doesn’t mean give up it means, do what you have to do to survive and keep pursuing your dreams.

5. God really is able, and trusting him brings comfort. You don’t have to put the world on your shoulders.

6. Accept the things you cannot control and then release it!

7. Sometimes you are utilized with all the tools to be successful and you end up with the same result. That’s when you work smarter not harder.

8. You need people! Advice from your mom, networking, connecting, we all need each other.

9. Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. Have faith, work hard, be humble, and keep planting seeds.

10. Good friends will always be there!

Bonus: Believe that everything happens for a reason. Find the lesson and leap. God is intentional and he won’t leave you destitute (and when you’re in doubt be positive and think on good things–when you put out positive energy, positive things come back).

Bonus: Change doesn’t happen overnight. We must work on our humility, faith, joy, strength daily.

So farewell old friend. As the day proceeds, I realize it’s time to take life by the horns. We are only on this earth for a glimmer, a moment in time, and then poof. I want to make sure the earth feels my presence in a positive way! I’ll try to make the lessons you have taught me worthwhile by not repeating the same mistakes and grow every day! I’ll make you proud.

Happy Birthday to all the  Virgos ♍️!



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