Back Together Again!

Thanks to my friend, who shall remain nameless, I have become overly obsessed with the British reality TV show, Made in Chelsea. This show is like The Hills, but with people who have really obscene amounts of money (the kind where if your boyfriend cheats on you, you go on holiday to Cannes, Dubai, Rome, France, etc. and stay in the best five star hotels, where you spend copious amounts of money on the latest fashions). Anywho, two of my favorite people from the show have been Instagramming pictures that they are back together!

Backstory: Millie Mackintosh was dating Hugo Taylor. Hugo cheated on Millie with one of her best friends, Rosie. Her real BFF, Caggie, told Millie he cheated on her, and Millie in the style of  a true OG, busted them both out at a party (video of the takedown down below). Millie moved on and so did Hugo, and slowly they both left the show after a few seasons. Millie got married to a London rapper and started her own clothing line, while Hugo opened up his own sunglasses line (not that either of them needed to because they’re already insanely rich).

Since the revelation of this rekindled love affair, all I can wonder is … what happened to Millie’s husband? Either way, they were my favorite couple during the series and probably are exceeding at #realtionshipgoals because of the fact they are no longer on the show.  I’m just a bystander who is enjoying every minute of this repaired relationship.


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