A Mom is a Girl’s First Fashion Consultant 

Beyoncé and daughter Blue Ivy raised the bar for all mother-daughter photo goals when the duo posted pictures of them, on a balcony near the Eifel Tower in almost matching Gucci floral dresses. I must admit I am guilty of dressing like my mom when I was younger, and you can even accuse me of color coordinating with her  now that I’m an adult. Mom and daughter matching outfits isn’t a trend that Beyonce and Blue just came up with, many celebrity moms and regular moms dress their little ones in mini-me outfits. Check out some of these Mommy and Me looks.

Kim Kardashian- West and daughter North West are #twinning in matching braids and fur.

Robin Wright and daughter Dylan Penn, show that growing up doesn’t mean you can’t dress like your mom.

Rumor has it that we grow up to be just like our moms. If that’s the case, why try to fight it? My mom has an awesome fashion sense and if that comes with the territory, I guess I can’t complain. 🙂

Photo on 3-27-16 at 1.56 PM




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