Bumpin’ It Up! 

Baby fever is in the air! Many celebrities are once again pregnant at the same time and instead of trading in their stiletto’s for more comfortable footwear, these women are paving the way for the chicest maternity wardrobe ever. Half the time I’m looking at these women I forget they’re pregnant, and that is even in tight fitted bodycon dresses. They look absolutely gorgeous walking around town and showing off their baby bumps.  Be it their first or second child, these women have a handle on their maternity wear (if we can even put this is in a maternity category), and with all the thought put into their outfits you just know their little ones will be just as fly.

The soon to be Kardashian is still turning heads with her killer curves. Pregnancy hasn’t slowed down Blac Chyna, and  I don’t know what is cuter her wardrobe or the way that fiancé, Rob Kardashian, dotes on her. 



First time Mom, Tatyana Ali, looks radiant, and she knows how to perfectly flaunt that baby bump, while looking extremely sophisticated and classy. 



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