Flashback Fashion Favorites 

Happy Friday everyone! This is our newest segment to the blog that highlights fashion icons and style from “back in the day”.  Today we are going to pay homage to style icon, Lisa Bonet. Lisa Bonet first graced our televisions as Denise Huxtable, the second oldest daughter of Claire (Phylicia Rashad) and Heath Cliff Huxtable  (Bill Cosby). Lisa Bonet’s exhibited a great fashion sense not only on the show but when the cameras turned off as well. Her style embodies a wildflower, with a serious know-how of thrifting. So, check out some of my favorite style pics of Lisa Bonet.


Off the shoulder is making a comeback on the runways, but Lisa Bonet pulled off this laid-back look a long time ago.


Lisa Bonet is a mix matching prints goddess with this conversational patterned shirt, and lightly plaid patterned pants. The colorful scarf is a perfect belt and ties the whole look together.


Lisa Bonet is fulfilling all our BoHo ambitions in this number. The lace shirt with statement chunky necklace, along with a rich colored embroidered jacket and hat make this look easy to replicate. Try this look and get ready for constant questions of your latest work of art, because this look screams I’M CREATIVE!


This is a laid back look, but can be pulled off for work or a day out. Pull a Denise and pair it with a colorful hair scarf!







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