All Hail the Prince 

Yesterday was a really hard day for me. Rarely do I get emotional when a celebrity dies, but when Prince was pronounced dead at his home in Paisley Park, I couldn’t help but break down. Prince has always been the definition of cool. The man exuded confidence, sex, and of course originality. My cousin and I were probably the only teenagers in our neighborhood who rode around bumping Prince and Teena Marie on a consistent basis.

To me Prince was the ultimate, the Yoda of Music as I like to call him. His musical ability (the man can play over 20 instruments) along with his stage presence is dynamic, and Prince is an icon across many genres, platforms, and generations. What is crazy, is that on Monday I couldn’t stop listening to his music. All night I couldn’t stop watching videos and listening to songs, and for this to happen has been devasting to me. I’m still sad, however my mourning has taken on a celebratory approach, because honestly how can you listen to the guys music and not be happy? So, for all of you who are Prince fans here are some timeless hits to get you through the day, and for all of you who don’t know about his music, here are some clips so you can be educated (lol). Rest in Power Prince.


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