Rock Your Look Like Ruby Rose 

Ruby Rose is the very definition of the word trendsetter. Her style is out of this world; she can take an outfit and make it look bad ass and sexy at the same time. She also knows the importance of a jacket and how it completes a look (I’m always game for a jacket to tie in everything). It’s Women Crush Wednesday, right? Check out some of my favorite Ruby Rose looks.


I love Ruby Rose in this red outfit (great alliteration, if I do say so myself). The wide pants makes this look comfortable and chic at the same time. The pairing of it with a matching bandeau top and mesh jacket makes her ready for anything (except the office, but we don’t think she’s going there anyway). 

Ruby Rose killed on MTV’s EMA Awards red carpet in Milan. Her blazer jacket, dress with extreme plunging neckline, pants, and cane looks like she’s ready to run the world, and whip you into shape if you don’t agree. Of course, she finished the look with her signature braid and smokey eye makeup. 

This look is really simple, but it’s something we can all emulate. A fitted blazer with small embellishments (a leather lapel in this case), black shirt, black pants, and black high heels will always look chic. This look is easy to put together and can transition from day to night. #AllBlackEverything 

Like I’ve said before, a leather jacket is always a good thing. Rose paired this moto leather jacket with a snake-skinned crop top and stripped cranberry and white colored pants. Putting a headband on makes this look scream weekend wardrobe…however,  you can dress this look up by putting a sheer white shirt over the snake-skinned top and adding black sandaled heels (or pumps if pants are cigarette or skinny style). 


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