I Woke Up Like This!

The sleepwear as daywear trend is slowly starting to take over mainstream fashion. This is the most progressive thing to happen since leggings became acceptable pants (some may still disagree with that statement). But just think of rolling out of bed to put on clothes that are just as comfortable as your sweat pants; whoever thought of this idea is completely genius (Rachel from friends is the first to try this trend when she wore a negligee on a date with Joshua and his parents)!



Rachel rocking lingerie on her date with beau Joshua. She did say she works in fashion and they were seeing if America was ready for it! What do you think? 


Check out this amazing floral pajama set from Dolce & Gabbana that the beautiful Kate King wore to the #DGPYJAMAPARTY. 

Selena Gomez is rocking a Derek Rose London pajama set with red heels, on the streets of Paris for her European press tour.

This year at Phoenix Fashion Week’s Spring Into Style Runway Trend Show event, stylist and Best in Show winner, Brandon Hunt gave some examples of how to rock a lingerie inspired wardrobe.  These looks are perfect for a night out with your girls. So grab some vampy lipstick, your high heels, and a whole lot of attitude.



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