Work Up A Sweat!

There is a change in the atmosphere from the all too familiar health kicks that accompany the new year. Instead of crash dieting and over-doing the gym the first month of January, people are working towards making more lifestyle changes. As for me, working on the side at a gym guarantees at least, one good workout a week but I try my hardest to workout at least 3-4 times a week.

Though I’m clocking in my hour or two at the gym, I find it extremely hard to stay motivated. I started dreading my workouts, teaching my classes, and doing anything related to being active. All I wanted to do after a long day of work was get a nice glass of wine and take a nap. So, what did I do? I took the motto “look good, feel good” to heart. I started to pick out my workout clothes and accessories with the same attention I would my outfits for work or going out. The results…wanting to workout and get in shape. So, to give you some workout inspiration here are some of my favorite workout clothing brands.

1.Haute Body is a California-based athletic wear brand. Newbie designer, Raquel McMorrow, makes working out look chic and comfortable.


2. Fabletics created by actress, humanitarian, and Michael Kors spokesmodel, Kate Hudson, brings a bit of  color, fun, and a splash of sexy to your workout.

3. Nike Women is probably one of my favorite brands. Nike is one of the top selling sports apparel brands in the world, and athletes and celebrities alike rock it. The best part is that it’s affordable, with  shops in malls, outlet malls, and even JC Penny. So just do it, and get pumped for your next workout!


4.  Chin Up Apparel is a Target brand that I have absolutely fallen in love with. They have workout shirts with the best motivating sayings on them and they are only about $12. You can also buy shirts online if you Target doesn’t currently have your size or the shirt you want, but be mindful it’s a little more expensive ($20 + a shirt).


5. Lululemon has become a new staple in athletic wear for women. With its trendy workout tops and bottoms along with the company hosting major workout events around the the country, it has definitely risen to a workout clothing powerhouse.



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