Fashion Five: Critics Choice Awards

A critics role is to scrutinize over every little detail that pertains to their field of interest. Lucky, for them, the 2016 Critics Choice Awards blue carpet, displayed nothing but fierce beautiful garments, which left us little to well, critize. Here are my top five looks of the night.  

1. Tracee Ellis Ross is beautiful in this black gown with embellished short sleeves. Its just the right amount of color to make the dress interesting and pop.

2. Gina Rodriguez captures our attention in this peach gown, with slight plunging V. She rocked an updo with rings and earrings to give her a liitle bling.


3. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looked effortessly flawless in this black gown from St.Laurent .


4. Loving this sparkled crop top with layered white skirt , that Regina King rocked on the blue carpet. This look is a combo of flirty and sophisticated.


5. This black top with sparkled pants by Dior looks amazing on Emma Rossum. This look is my “you can do it too” style pick. Style Tip: Pair a black desss with noticable thigh split and layer under it a shorter sparkled skirt, or pant.


Bonus Pick: Yazz from the hit show Empire looks amazing in thos tailored suit. Complimented ny a little wrist action (watch) , he is definitely heating up the blue carpet.

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