Michael B Jordan Shines in Creed 

Creed hit the box office Thanksgiving weekend and is taking over as the highest grossing Rocky movie  (hitting $30.1 million over the first three days). It is no easy feat to do this, especially during Thanksgiving weekend when people are busy traveling, visiting family and friends, etc.

Creed is giving Michael B. Jordan even more clout and fame than his flaming torch title in Marvels Fantastic Four, amazing Fruitvale Station performance, and incredible charm in The Awkward Moment. He’s always been a star, but Creed puts him in the Hollywood stratosphere, and working with the legendary Slyvester Stallone just makes him shine brighter.

In his Vibe interview, Jordan talks about his rigorous training for Creed. As a follower (more like stalker) of his Instagram account, you could see the actor getting more muscular by the months as he teased about a new project he was doing. Unfortunately, I have finals for the next two weeks, but Creed is definitely on my list of fun things to do once I’m free. However, don’t be like me and go see the movie NOW.

For more info check out these articles:  The YBF , Vibe Magazine ,


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