Closet Envy 

All your shoes displayed, organized by color and style, rows of your clothes hanging by type and color, jeans folded neatly on shelves, and storage for all your accessories. Yes, having the perfect closet is definitely one of those life goals we hashtag about.

Not only do women like to buy shoes, but we like to see all our shoes nicely organized so we can peruse them without having to dig through boxes and boxes, and face the monster of dust bunnies underneath the bed (yuck).  My theory is that women like to make their accouterments look like a store, having everything nice and neat not only makes you want to keep it clean (for presentation purposes) but shows you what you have so you can save money. So take a gander at some of these amazing closets and maybe you’ll see some ideas that you can use to spruce up your closet for the approaching new year.




Love the light colors used in this room. Looks as though you can come and relax amongst your clothes and use this closet as a sitting room as well. 


Organization is key and this closet pro has nailed this space to make all their things easily accessible. Decor Tip: Adding fresh flowers  spruces up your space. Plus they make your space smell really good.

Love how all these accessories are organized and have their own space. 




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