Friendsgiving the celebration of Thanksgiving with your friends didn’t become a mainstream Thanksgiving trend til around 2007. This is incredibly surprising seeing how the cast of “Friends” (the original Friendsgiving crew)  started this tradition in the 90’s.  I know that holidays are supposed to be for family, but friends are the family that you pick. So pull out those pans, because there are a lot of positives to hosting/going to a Friendsgiving.Friends_S10E08_004.jpg

  1. Unless all your friends are married you don’t have to worry about bringing a date.
  2. Because your friends are around the same age as you, you have a higher chance of being set up with a handsome stranger.
  3. You get to try your grade A chef skills at cooking Thanksgiving dinner and not just be put on prep in your Mother’s kitchen.
  4. You will feel more adult calling your Mom from YOUR house asking her how to cook something then doing it right in front of her (so you really learn this time; can we say adulting, major).
  5.  No one will be asking you when are you getting married, having kids, moving, getting a new job, doing with your degree, etc. (and if they do they are pretentious meanies).
  6. There will most likely be a lot more booze at a Friendsgiving then a Thanksgiving.
  7. You can make it more potluck style so you don’t have to cook the whole meal by yourself.
  8. You can try all those DIY table settings that you have been obsessively pinning about.
  9. Everyone brings their own little traditions, which mixes it up from your norm (e.g. Gellar Cup, Chandler’s Thanksgiving Stories, Lumpy Potatoes, etc.).
  10. An awesome time hanging out, laughing, and building a bond with your best buddies.

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