A Chic Thanksgiving 

Happy Pre-Thanksgiving Everyone! Thanksgiving is a time for reflection, to show gratitude, to be with family, but who says you can’t do it in style? As you prepare for the four F’s (friends, family, food, and football) make sure to leave the turkey decor at the door, and check out these awesome Thanksgiving ideas to make your Thanksgiving even the more special.  So let’s start by setting the table…

This is a really cool place card idea that is low in cost and very unique. It will make you guest feel special that you went through the trouble to make a golden leaf with their name on it. It’s also a great keepsake that they can take with them and put in a clear glass circled ornament as a Christmas tree decoration.

9d2ce07b051d8a09b5d133440a955851.jpgThis plate setting is super cute and chic (just the plate setting though). It goes perfectly with the above personalized golden leaf place card with the green burlap type place mat. The black and white chevron print ties the white plate and gold under plate with the green to make the look altogether cohesive.

Pair everything with this beautiful non-cluttered and intimate candlelight table where you have to ask your neighbor to pass the potatoes, and you never know, cousin so-and-so just might bring a handsome stranger who can’t go home for the holidays and he  has to sit next to you (God, I wish my life was like a romantic comedy). Anywho, Happy Thanksgiving! Be grateful for all that you have, and take nothing for granted.


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